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Slim Wall Art

Spring Vine
10" Wide X 52" High X 4" Deep
$ 420.00
Slim and sleek; most appropriate words we can describe them. You love our designs, you would like to decorate your room with them, but you don't have enough space on your walls. Metal wall art displayed in this section can be the answer for your concerns, just the right size, just the decoration idea you had in mind for that narrow space you may have.

Some of the designs we have can lose the proportion if they were made in a much smaller size. But these metal wall sculptures are specifically hand-picked to be precise for that special area on your wall.
Triple Starburst
24" Wide X 42 " High X 8" Deep
$ 440.00
Eden Rising
10 " Wide X 52" High X 4" Deep
$ 365.00
11" Wide X 42" High X 4" Deep
$ 310.00
Spring Leaves
17" Wide X 44" High X 4" Deep
$ 365.00
Rain Drops
18" Wide X 54" High X 3" Deep
$ 365.00
Bamboo Delight
17" Wide X 32" High X 5" Deep
$ 585.00
Aquatic Garden
12 " Wide X 36" High X 4" Deep
$ 640.00
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